Locked Up in Frost

Locked Up in Frost


“He turned the key in the ignition, and with exaggerated slowness, put the pickup truck in gear… For the first time in a very long time he felt he had a chance of moving beyond guilt and anger. Yes, there was history here, but that’s what it was: history.”



Locked Up in Frost

For generations, residents of small agricultural communities in rural Minnesota lived their lives tuned to the seasons of the year. It is no different in Glenview. The small town in southeastern Minnesota functions in concert with the calendar. Jens Jensen makes his way to a favorite gathering place to gain insight from the local gentry on an important decision he must make. As he makes his way, the 2004 crop is being harvested. Jens comes to understand that the decision before him must be his alone in the must come from within his soul. He confronts his past and makes a decision that will change his life and that of his community. Just as Jens comes to terms with the ghosts of his past and gains the inspiration to overcome them, his decision to help develop a vineyard and winery creates conflict as townspeople deal with change and uncertainty. These defining moments take place within the context of crises both past and present that have challenged the community over the years. When the harvest of the field is ready in the fall of 2005, life in Glenview has groaned through the birthing pains of change. With this change, a new harvest will be gathered.

The Author, Patricia Buschette.

Like many people, Patricia Buschette believed that there was a story within her that should be told. Too many times the tragedy of clashes between people of good will has torn relationships apart. Locked up in Frost considers how conflict can arise, and that the often forgotten effort to communicate may be the foundation for misunderstanding. The need to make use of the skills of conflict management became clear, and the idea of a story was borne.

Patricia’s career path began as a freelance writer as she identified and wrote stories of human interest for local area newspapers. In 1978 she edited an oral history, As I Remember . . . in commemoration of Renville’s 100th anniversary.
Her interest in law prompted her to earn a degree as a paralegal specializing in probate and trust administration and real estate. An opportunity to work in the United States Congress lured her to Washington DC where she served as a legislative assistant for agricultural issues. From the congressional side of the legislative process she eagerly accepted the opportunity to serve as a lobbyist for the wheat growers of the United States. However, a 1,000-mile commute became too much of a challenge and she returned to her roots in rural Minnesota.

She has an Associate Degree as a Legal Assistant at Inver Hills Community College, a B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University in St. Paul. She and her husband, Francis Buschette, live in their home on land in West Central Minnesota that has been in her family for four generations. Here she finds inspiration in her garden and the beauty of nature. She and her husband look forward to experiencing new parts of the world and preserving their travels through photography.

Her experience as a paralegal, a congressional staffer, and an agricultural lobbyist, all provide insight and background in the story of a community embroiled in conflict, and the ways in which conflict can be resolved.

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