"Wine gives a man nothing.
It neither gives him knowledge nor wit;

it only animates a man, and enables him to bring out what a dread of the company has repressed. It only puts in motiion what had been locked up in frost". -Samuel Jonhson

Locked Up in Frost

By Patricia Buschette

Imagine it . . .

And you are there.

It could be any small farming town in Minnesota. Here in southeastern Minnesota, where rolling hills meet the ravines of the Cannon River, Glenview comes to life.

Here in small-town Minnesota all of the elements of the humanity – good and bad – are found in the microcosm of one small community. Surrounded by fields of corn and soybeans, vineyards and small grains, the community functions with a memory of past generations as it reaches into the possibilities of the future.

What of those possibilities? What is the dream of a man whose life has been lived in the battlegrounds of the world and returns to another fight – the fight to preserve the possibilities of his farm.
Come, meet Jens Jensen. Follow him as he considers the possibilities of an idea but must meet challenges created by the ghosts within and the realities of human nature as he makes difficult choice.

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The Author, Patricia Buschette.

Like many people, Patricia Buschette believed that there was a story within her that should be told. Too many times the tragedy of clashes between people of good will has torn relationships apart. Locked up in Frost considers how conflict can arise, and that the often forgotten effort to communicate may be the foundation for misunderstanding. The need to make use of the skills of conflict management became clear, and the idea of a story was borne.

Patricia’s career path began as a freelance writer as she identified and wrote stories of human interest for local area newspapers. In 1978 she edited an oral history, As I Remember . . . in commemoration of Renville’s 100th anniversary.

Her interest in law prompted her to earn a degree as a paralegal specializing in probate and trust administration and real estate. An opportunity to work in the United States Congress lured her to Washington DC where she served as a legislative assistant for agricultural issues. From the congressional side of the legislative process she eagerly accepted the opportunity to serve as a lobbyist for the wheat growers of the United States. However, a 1,000-mile commute became too much of a challenge and she returned to her roots in rural Minnesota.

She has an Associate Degree as a Legal Assistant at Inver Hills Community College, a B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University in St. Paul. She and her husband, Francis Buschette, live in their home on land in West Central Minnesota that has been in her family for four generations. Here she finds inspiration in her garden and the beauty of nature. She and her husband look forward to experiencing new parts of the world and preserving their travels through photography.

Her experience as a paralegal, a congressional staffer, and an agricultural lobbyist, all provide insight and background in the story of a community embroiled in conflict, and the ways in which conflict can be resolved.

What readers are saying about author Patricia Buschette’s novel, Locked Up in Frost

In three nice long fireside winter days, I have read your book Locked up in Frost! You should be very satisfied and proud of your finished product! I feel like I have been to Glenview, met its special people and appreciated their life journey, especially of Jens, ate delicious food and enjoyed the making of a vineyard. The advice about bullying; and of course, working together as families and community in mutual respect, should be mandatory reading for everyone, young and old alike.”

Evelyn Elliot, Sacred Heart, MN

I recently read “Locked Up in Frost”, the new book by author Patricia Buschette. It’s easy to enjoy, appreciate and get involved in the generational details of Frost’s characters from the lives that the author so elegantly creates in print. “Locked Up in Frost” meets my criteria of what makes a great story. I just couldn’t set the book down once I start reading it. Hats off to Buschette, a new author in our time.”

Al Kamp, Author,

“What Teens Want to Know”

The author captured the joys and challenges of community life while expanding the reader’s understanding of history, the arts, politics and human nature. The novel is rich with information and emotion.”

Marcie Weinandt

National Rural Policy Professional

Locked up in Frost is a literary vision with a theme and plot that carries the complexity of thinking well beyond a typical first novel effort. As the story unfolds, it is clear that I am on a journey that is more than a quick-read beach novel. What happens in the community when some decide to do something different, to change the status quo? The characters wrestle with their situation, seek resolution and reconciliation; they do not capitulate to what is. By weaving together of common threads within the context of a single year, the storyline gives up insight that carries reflection beyond surface observation.”

John Weikle, Retired, Associate Professor, St. Olaf College.

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